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The man with the megaphone [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
owen wesley

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lettign the days go by letttign the water hold me down [Jan. 23rd, 2005|03:11 am]
owen wesley
[mood |drunkdrunk]
[music |the workhouse-]

wowo lo ng time n o talk but i love to write aboit s=thinga nyway i think ill start wrting in here more often again i forgot how fun it was. : )
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im using rich text [Oct. 8th, 2004|10:15 am]
owen wesley
[mood |okayokay]
[music |Simon and Garfunkle - America]

hmm. i havent been here for a while. i really dont have anything exciting to say at all. lol my wanna be keruac LJ is losing its appeal. lol. yeah my mom yelled at me for reading. wtf lol   she said it cause i went on a harry potter marathon and read all 5 books in a week. and i jsut stay up reading.  now im reading On the Road  again  cause its my favorite book ever and im reading The Catcher in the Rye cause ive been trying to since 8th grade but never got more than 30 pages in and i wanna finish before we have to read it for school. o yeah but my mom said i was escaping my problems in the real world by reading and basically told me im a waste. w/e but yeah hopefully tonight im gunna party and i def am tommorow and probly sunday night too  but i have to work tommorow and sunday. im so sick of the fucking scheduling at the Creamery that i def wanna quit. its a sick job cause i just eat ice cream all day with all my freinds  but its def not worth the bullshit with the schedule. its all cool though. balls.  w/e i way to lazy to type anymore  specially cause theres nothing to write about   ill write tommrow or something peace
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continued [Sep. 27th, 2004|07:13 pm]
owen wesley
[mood |sicksick]
[music |PJ Harvey w/ Thom Yorke- the mess we're in]

so this guy my neighbor gives guitar lessons and he RIPSS! hes awesome we jammed for along time on lots of stuff. we chilled around the fire with a bottle and a bowl for a while. this guys wife is the nicest lady ever. there real young and cool. he said that if i ever wanted to jam to call him. (strangely he moved here with his wife to be in close proximity to the Disc golf course in the Town park which is dedicated to my good friends dead uncle who ive played disc golf with before) there were lots of people maybe 15 at the fire alone talking politics then a few playing beerpong and some other people playing disc golf and some sleeping. there was one woman giving me wierd looks all night then finnaly came over and asked my name again. when i told her 'nachtigal" she gasped and hugged me and goes "omg! our parents are best freinds!" apparently her parents Bill and Wally Bartel (who ive known since i was born lol) invited my parents to her wedding over the summer and almost everyone at that party knew and had danced with my mom and dad. it was a real funny coincidence especially since we were all smoking a bowl together. i chilled there till about 4 30 before i decided i should go home because i had to go to TKD at 9.
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saturday night [Sep. 27th, 2004|04:11 pm]
owen wesley
[mood |sicksick]
[music |the dismemberemt plan]

saturday was a funny night. it started with me working from 4 30 - 9 45. then i snuck out at 12 and went to town. i had hoped that my sister would drive me to andrew strangios but she was just leaving when i called. so i started walking that way and met up with matt leon and luke matthews. they asked if i had a bowl so they smoked me out and we used my bat. we called a bunch of people but couldnt get a ride to andrews. we called someone else and they said that there was a party in cascade creek that we could walk into rightr before porkas house. so we caught a ride up there with matts brother. we looked for a loong time then gave up and started walking uphill to take the loop home. chris anderson called and said he was walking by a party a few doors down from my house with tim and they said it was older people but they were gunna check it out then meet us in town. since that would be a while away we kept walkiing. we heard a party and went to check it out a few houses up inspecting many piles of thrown out things along the road as we went lol. i thought i heard voices i recognized but it wsant who i thoghut it was but i did know lauren kelly and had met some other kids before. they said they had bags and i met a new dealer who whieghed me out a .8 bag for $18. we left and smoked soem of that. then we kept walking down towards town. i found a sick little kids chair along the road then so did matt then coincidentaly so did luke. we met up with chris and craig at larrys and sat in our little chairs and smoked a bowl in the road. then we continued towards town. some where along the way i rememberd i still had a two gram blunt rolled in my pocket which we stopped to smoke under the slide in stanley demming which was incredible. then we walked towards mobil and craig bought bagels. we walked to cvs parking lot to smoke another bowl then parted ways. Chris, Craig and I walked home and parted at pond hill. on my way home i passed that party a few houses down and saw it had chilled down a bit but was still going. so i walked in and introduced myself. the guy that owended it hold on ... tbc
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ugg [Sep. 5th, 2004|12:33 pm]
owen wesley
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Sharks keep moving - jets jets]

wow work 2 - 9 30 yesterday. nuff said. but then i snuck out and got picked up by some cool girls to go to briannes which was reall fun. first thing when i got there was to rock a bubbler with k ahearn untl* brianne, mikey g and ruta who hit my bat. then i went inside and met faron who is one crazy ass awesome guy lol he mixed me lots o drinks named sex with freshman and they were quite tasty. i rocked out on guitar with abbadessa for a bit, then went out to smoke another bowl with gibson and sullivan jimmy joice showed up halfway through and so did ahearn and unt so we just passed it round with some strawberry tobac too. i went back inside and invented the gatorade eliminator with jimmy joyce which is gatorade frost and vodka its soo good. then i smoked another bowl with kerri shea and we tried to get faron to smoke but he didnt. i went to brianes room and rocked some sublime sing alongs on her acoustic twas really funn. then i ate some more food COOOOKIE CRISP as i had been eating all night (frozen pizza, brownies, chips, dirt) and shea said she could drive me home cause she was heading that way. so we just talked in the car and she dropped me off cause shes cool and i made it safely back into my house.

ps. the sketchy breakout involved crawling out bathroom window onto roof, jumping to parents balcony , hanging and dropping off balcony, all while they are watching a movie downstairs. lol
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yay!!!!!!! [Sep. 3rd, 2004|03:56 pm]
owen wesley
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |Saetia-some natures catch no plagues]

yay emily is coming back today!!!!! and its labor day weekend!!
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subterranian homesick owen [Aug. 31st, 2004|02:50 pm]
owen wesley
[mood |mellowmellow]
[music |Dexter Freebish - Spotlight]

i dont really feel like writing the rest of this vacation and im not really sure if i remeber much more of it. but if anyone is actually interested in my life other then my downfalls lol jsut tell me and ill tell you. hmm thats kinda self centered but w/e im self centered. lol

everybody is leaving.

Please see if she's wearing a coat so warm,
To keep her from the howlin' winds.
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to continue for further speculation [Aug. 30th, 2004|12:22 pm]
owen wesley
[mood |melancholyheadache]
[music |transistor transistor]

to continue the first night... so we drive to this guys apartment and supriseingly craig does an awesome job of driving although still scary. so we get to this guys place and apparently hes gay and has a crush on mark and gives us the eigth for $10 cheaper. so we drive back into town a little jerkily and at 10mph this being a stick car but fine. so when we get to town we gave no place to go. so craig and marc say we can chill at their place for a bit. so we drive over there and i for the first time spill beer all over my shirt around a crazy turn. we get there and their friend greg a coke addict i think is chilling on the couch watching some fucked up samuel l jackson movie. we get there and (o shit i forgot to tell about the gas station where they picked up more beer and we got candy bars and where we got out of the car and craig forgot to put it in park and it started rolling right for a tree but he slammed on the e brake spilling more beer all over me. ) so were chillin watching this movie driniking more beer and smoking some good herb out of a ghetto beer can peice, craig decides to go to the bathroom and falls in the shower and jsut lays there for a bit yelling for more beer. aj went to help him out of the tub and they both ended up in it laughing hysterically. craig finally gets out and attempts to fly by laying on a stool then falls off and i dont think he successfully got up for the rest of the night. he did yell for another hit so we sat him up against the wall and helped him take another hit. it was about 4 or so by the time we walked home which was about 2 blocks and jsut went back to sleep. i think we slept till at least 12 ther next day and when we woke up my parents were gone for the day. so we jsut hung out around the beach and when my rents came home we went and rented surfboards for the week. a 7 10 and 7 6 and they were actually hardboards lol instead of those shitty foam ones u usually get. so we surfed all day which is incredibly hard and humbling. id done it twice before and aj once but we still were having a hard time standing up everytime. so after a hard day of surfing and cruising the town we head to blockbuster and rent a bunch of jake gylennhall movies like october sky and donnie darko. later that night after the movie watching is done and we are supposed to be in bed we head out to the nearest gas station. i dont remember whether it was me or aj who bought it but he grabbed the first 12 pack in sight and i think I walked up to the register (hair pulled back lol) and jsut bought it which was pretty sick. we drank two on the way home and were tired so we threw em under the bed and went to bed. The next day my parents were out again. so me and aj had the brilliantly stupid idea of packing a cooler with the remaining 10 beers. so we went down to the beach with our cooler and our boards and chilled on the beach and drank shitty lite beer and swam. funny though after drinkign i dont think ive ever pooped so much in my life. lol. well that day if i remember correctly just blurred right into that night. that night was probably one of the best times ive ever had. we went to the store and bought a six pack and a keg can each and went to our lucky beach chair (3rd on the right in front of holiday inn) and started drinking. on the chair next to us were 3 guys about our age, one with a guitar and singing, another with a small conga drum and the other jsut being silent. they were playing some pretty good emo music so we started talking to them. they were in a band from columbia alittle north of Folly beach where we were. they were really cool guys and we started passing the guitar around and singing some good songs. after a couple of minutes another group of people stopped by to sing along to Santeria and they stayed to party. then more people and more people and more people. in the end about 30. but so after a bunch of beers and stogs being passed around and some good tunes being sung aj and brendan i think his name was (who origianlly had the guitar) went back for a beer run and we got a thirty pack of bud and then this 17 yr old girl jessica and her mom Lisa went back to get another 30 pack and i gave my wallet to aj later to pay for some more beer and we were pretty highly stocked on beer for the night. other people brought it too but i cant remeber when or how much lol. so me and the mom lisa who had been talking persuaded aj and jessica to hop the fence for holiday inn and go swimming. we did and so did this large hippee kid named benn he was so burnt out but he was really nice lol. we went swimming and had a cannonball contest (or tried to) lol until the hotel desk guy came out and yelled at us and told us that there were so many chemicals in there right now that were going to have messed up babies so we scrammed lol. me aj and brendan went on another beer run and luckily this time we ddint run over any curbs lol. so with this new case of beer we decided to go swimming in the ocean. so we all stripped down to whatver we were wearing and ran into the ocean which was bathwater warm it felt so nice at night. we rode some waves and probably swallowed as much salt water as beer. the moon was so bright and we could see that we had liek 15 people in the water and at least 15 more on the beach it was soo sick lol. so after that we went and got our weed and benn rolled up a good joint and we passed it around. after a bit more music and swimming and whatever else went on the party sort of dispersed and most people went home or back whereever they were sleeping. aj went back to the condo and i went back to jessica and lisa s room in the holiday inn to watch tv. in the room me and jess's brother and ben smoked a couple bowls and had another beer or two and jsut chilled till all 6 of us fell sleep on tow beds lol. i think i went home around 5 or so and slept for ever and woke up broke from having 150 dollars the night before. and it was only wednesday. still more later
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vacation maybe [Aug. 26th, 2004|12:14 pm]
owen wesley
[mood |lazylazy]
[music |smashing pumpkins]

ok well maybe ill talk about my vacation im feeling kinda lazy so itl be alot shorter than intended. so me and aj were leaving at 6am on friday so we stayed up all thursday night so we could sleep in the car on the way down. so that night we smoked two joints( one on our way into town, the other on our way out.) and walked into town to chill and get food at mobil. we also tried to hop a train but we were so stoned and the train was goign so fast that we wouldve died. lol. so we just went home and chilled till we had to leave in the morning. :ass numbing car ride: so now were at our first day in SC and we just eat food and check out our insane condo with me and ajs own room (two beds!) and own bathroom and shower which was sick. then we went to the beach which was 20 ft from our condo for the day. that night i think we watched tv. then my parents went to bed and at like 12 30 we jsut left out the front door and went to check out town on a saturday night. we walk past our second bar and these 2 guys are leaning against a lampost with a spackle-bucket full of beer, one of the guys yells a drawled "wanna drink mah bucket o behr?" so aj takes the bucket and we take turns chugging from a bucket of beer. we ask craig and mark (they have names) if they know where to get any weed (cause during the day we asked a kid who worked at an ice cream place and he said that weed around here was "rare") so mark takes ajs phone and says he can get us an eighth for 40. so were like siiick weel walk there. but mark says its like 3 miles so craig offers to drive. (who can hardly walk) so we get in the car and i have to hold the bucket of beer and promsie not to spill it while we listen to the string cheese incident lol. god damn ill write more later thats still less than half of the first night. lol
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poo [Aug. 10th, 2004|12:12 pm]
owen wesley
[mood |infuriatedinfuriated]
[music |patty larkin - me and that train]

ok so i started writing down my long vacation so u could all read it, cause i know u were dying too and im like 4 days into it (the equivelnt of say 3 1/2 pages) when ryan pulls into my driveway to pick me up to go to aprils and so being the jackass i am i jsut closed the window losing all 3-4 pages of south carolina. so now im just wating for the stamina to rewrite it.
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